This entire book could be the poem IN RESPONSE TO THE POET WHO SAID ANGER DOESN’T MAKE A GOOD POEM. If you ever thought so, you’ll leave this book a sadder and a wiser reader, because Crystal Valentine is not interested in your delicate concerns. These poems are direct, powerful, beautiful and intricately crafted, and yes they are angry and yes they are good. They are really good.
— Matthew Rohrer, author of Surrounded by Friends
Crystal Valentine excavates the pain and joy and dreams of the black woman body in America. Whether creating an erasure poem with the transcriptions of the non-indited or paying homage by listing the names of the slain like prayer - these poems encourage muscle memory & faith. These poems are filled with history, blackness & the fight to be heard. Valentine clenches these righteous poems, like fists, and offers is the world.
— -Mahogany L. Browne, author of Redbone